Dress Code Policy

Southeast Arkansas Preparatory High School maintains the policy that all students are expected to be in “Warrior Dress” each school day. Warrior Dress consist of khaki pants (cargo pants are allowed), black, white, or brown shoes, and school shirt (gold, purple, or white) with logo. Denim of any kind is not allowed. Slippers of any kind are not allowed. Head wraps, unless identified as religious, are not allowed. Hats nor hoodies may not be worn in the building. Outerwear must be black, brown, or white unless wearing an approved school specific jacket from our school uniform website/vendor. All school specific outerwear will be the school official colors of purple, white, and gold.

Additional dress code language

All students have a responsibility to dress and appear on school campuses according to standards of propriety, safety and health set forth. The school leadership team may not negate any provisions or restrictions of this dress code without express written consent from the Board of Directors of SAPHS. 

During any school related events where students are allowed to be out of Warrior dress code, students are prohibited from wearing T-shirts or other articles of clothing which display violence, profane or obscene language, gestures or inferences of profanity or advertisement of tobacco, alcohol, drugs or illegal substances at any school sponsored event. Students wearing such clothing may be asked to remove the offensive article, turn it inside out or in extreme cases, be sent home.

All students shall be required to wear a belt with pants that have loops. Pants shall be worn at natural waist level and shall not be excessively baggy nor sagging

All students are prohibited from wearing or using mouth grills or any removable mouth jewelry and wearing body piercing jewelry such as eye brow piercings, nose rings, heavily stretched ear loops, tongue rings and other similar body piercings jewelry or facial jewelry.

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