Thank you for your interest in SAPHS. We offer a quality education All students can thrive in an intellectually challenging environment and can successfully matriculate to college to learn requisite skills that will prepare them for the high-demand career opportunities existent in the evolving technology and innovation world.


Non-Discrimination Policy

SAPHS is a public school and is open to all students eligible for enrollment in the Pine Bluff Metro Area. SAPHS will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, creed, ethnicity, sexual orientation, mental or physical disability, age, ancestry, athletic performance, special need, proficiency in the English language or in a foreign language, or academic achievement in admitting students, nor will SAPHS set admissions criteria that are intended to discriminate or that have the effect of discriminating on any of these bases.


Enrollment Framework

All enrollment policies and procedures have been designed in alignment with the Arkansas Quality Charter Schools Act. Should we receive a greater number of applicants than seats available, SAPHS will hold a public lottery according to all state and local laws. SAPHS will accept applications to fill 220 spaces in grades 9-12. As a public charter school, SAPHS will be open to all students who wish to attend and will not have selective admissions criteria or practices. However, potential parents will be strongly encouraged to attend at least one of several information sessions regarding SAPHS’s mission, culture parent/student expectations, and educational program. SAPHS will enroll students with disabilities in compliance with all applicable laws.

Enrollment Acceptance

At the conclusion of SAPHS’s application period, following the admission of students entitled to a preference, if there are spaces available and the number of applications exceeds the spaces available, we will conduct a random and anonymous lottery, with a disinterested party not affiliated with SAPHS, to fill slots. The lottery will be held with reasonable public notice given at least one week prior to the lottery. Even after all spaces in the school are filled through the lottery, we will continue to draw the names of all students who apply and place the names of students not selected for an available space on a waiting list in the order the names were drawn. SAPHS will keep and make public the waiting list and explicitly specify rules for the waiting list clearly and in writing as part of our enrollment policies.  If an opening is created from a student leaving SAPHS during the school year, we will contact students from the waiting list in the order of their lottery designation and offer them the seat. If there is not a waiting list, we will accept applications for the seat.


Once the lottery is complete, SAPHS will send notification to students that submitted an application a status update of their application. Students who were chosen in the lottery will be given explicit instructions on how they accept admission to the school and pertinent information regarding the start of the school year. SAPHS will require a parent or guardian to accept admission to the school by notifying the school of his or her intent to attend. If the enrollment process fails to fill all the available slots, and all names on the waiting list have been given an opportunity to enroll, SAPHS may repeat the process of accepting applications for enrollment. As spaces become available during the school year, SAPHS may repeat the application process to fill these openings, provided that all students on a current waiting list have first been selected. 


Should SAPHS have admitted students that do not show up on the first day of school, we will hold a slot for 5 school days. Thus, if an admitted student does not attend school for one week, that slot will be released and given to a student on the waiting list. In such cases, SAPHS will:


● Notify the parent/guardian after three (3) days of student absence to discuss their intent to send their child to the school.

● State that in order for the slot to be held, the student must attend school within the next two (2) days.

● If the student does not attend within those five days, SAPHS will release that particular slot and may fill it with a child from the waiting list. If no waiting exists, we may receive applications for that slot.

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